Icicles Ski Club membership numbers are limited to ensure reasonable access to accommodation and to retain the friendly, close-knit atmosphere of the lodges. As a member your guests are welcome at both lodges with accommodation charged at an increased rate. Club Members have priority access to both lodges at Mt Buller and Falls Creek during winter and summer.

For all the Club history, the club has had a family membership structure where the one members family skied at members rates. With this structure the members partner and children skied at members rates but the children only had the ability to use the Club as a member up to the age of 25 years. Once reaching the age of 25 years, the Children then effectively left the club as they lost the ability to use the Club as a Member.

At our Annual General Meeting in December 2009 Icicles changed the Club Membership structure from a family membership to individual memberships.  The new structure endorsed by the membership at this meeting gives membership to individuals. Only the individual holding a membership may ski at member rates. For those existing members opting into the new system, these memberships can be allocated as they wish amongst family members thus allowing children to become full members in their own right and retain membership after the age of 25 years is reached. The difference now is that the children will retain this membership after the age of 25 years with the children now being full members in their own right. This difference will enhance the family nature that the ICICLES Ski Club has always had. For families wishing to add memberships progressively, priority for membership applications will be given to partners and children of existing members.

Currently no New Memberships are available at Icicles Ski Club.