Jun 2013

Village Roads Restrictions and Transport Services - Opening Weekend 2013

Please be advised that consistent with previous years, vehicle restrictions will be enforced in the village from 3pm this Friday 7 June 2013.
At this time only vehicles displaying a valid Authorised Permit will be permitted to park in the village for longer than 30 minutes.
Vehicles displaying all other permits must be removed to an appropriate designated car park. These include regular Season Permits, Staff Permits, Overnight Permits and Day Permits.
If you have a vehicle in the village that does not have an Authorised Permit could you please remove it to avoid infringement.
Similar to previous years, guests arriving at the village will be granted a temporary 30 minute Village Pass. This will enable the guest to drive to their accommodation, unload passengers and luggage, and then return to BHP Road where they will be parked by FCRM staff. The vehicle driver will then be transported back to their accommodation by FCRM.
Guests who do not wish to drive into the village and guests arriving by bus will be transported to their accommodation by FCRM using the Accommodation Transfer Service.
Please advise any guests who require transport from the village (i.e. to catch a departing bus) to call the Transport Terminal on 5758 1203 to arrange collection. This number will be staffed from 8am to 5pm daily from this Friday. Please encourage guests to arrange collection 24 hours in advance.
Similar to previous years, FCRM will commence transport services at 3pm this Friday to support guests and businesses within the village. These include:
i.              Village shuttle and BHP Road services, which will operate 8am-5pm daily.
ii.             The car parking service, which will operate 8am-midnight on Friday and Saturday and 8am-10pm Sunday. This services will extend beyond scheduled closure based on demand.
The car parking service will operate between 8am-5.30pm Monday to Thursday next week, dependent on snow conditions and visitation. The service will extend into the evening and night from Monday to Thursday when visitation increases.