Jul 2015

Thursday July 2nd, 2015

A cold front finally crosses the southeast of the nation today. Its got limited access to tropical moisture (so is mainly what it picked up from the Southern Ocean) and it somewhat only clips the southeast (rather than a direct hit) – so this brings 5 to 10 cm of snow, down to around 900 metres for a time (lower over southern Gippsland).

It doesn’t last – the high moves back in – but we won’t have to wait as long for more systems to affect us.

A weak front squeezes under the high on Saturday, bringing 1 to 5 cm of snow, mainly over southern resorts - but all have a good chance of at least some flurries.

A stronger front and low will affect us from Monday through to Wednesday next week, but again the high gets in the way somewhat, so it can’t bring as much as it should. We can expect between 5 and 15 cm over the three days, with snow on and off.

There is the potential for yet another system late in the week/weekend.


Persistent snow, easing to snow showers later in the afternoon and clearing tonight. Gusty winds turning cold SW. 5 to 10 cm of snow.

Commentary above courtesy of Jane's Weather.