Jul 2015

Wednesday July 8th, 2015

The dry days are numbered (just two to go) before an amazing set of weather systems delivers a LOT of snow.

The snow begins with a trough on Friday, and turns heavy with a strong front on Saturday/Sunday, driven by a low that will move from just south of Tasmania to the Tasman Sea. The snow may lower to 500 metres.

Another front moves through on Monday/Tuesday – then yet another on Wednesday/Thursday, again with snow to low levels. The low that drives all this helps with the precipitation, and the trailing high stays far enough back to stay out of the way. The low is also just far enough away that the winds won’t be incredibly strong.

So, this all adds up to at least 50 cm, and possibly 100 cm of snow, from Friday to next Thursday. Enjoy.


Dry, with a mix of sunshine and cloud – mostly sunshine. Light winds.

Commentary above courtesy of Jane's Weather.