Jun 2014
Latest Radar Image 13th June 11.10am

A dumping of wet snow this weekend - up high and in the east (50-60cm), then colder snow early next week.

A low pressure system has formed near Adelaide, and has both tropical moisture and a cold pool of air.

The low will cross northwestern Victoria then southeast NSW on Friday night, before deepening just off Merimbula on the weekend. Alpine areas will see precipitation from Friday to Sunday - heaviest in the east Saturday night / Sunday morning. There should be just enough cold air to produce heavy snow above 1700 metres, but rain below.

A new cold front will cross Victoria on Monday, bringing a moderate amount of snow - but this time, throughout all alpine elevations.



Likely Snow

Rest of Thursday

Cloud thickening. A light spit of rain in the afternoon, increasing to persistent rain at night. N/NW winds, strong at times.

1800m - 0cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Persistent rain in the morning, turning to persistent snow up high during the afternoon, but rain continues lower down. NW winds, strong in the morning.

1800m - 8cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Persistent snow up high - becoming heavy in the afternoon. Rain continues lower down. S winds, strong from the afternoon.

1800m - 20cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Persistent snow up high, heavy in the morning. Rain continues lower down. All easing in the afternoon. Strong S/SW winds.

1800m - 30cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Snow showers, tending to persistent snow at night. SW then W winds, strong at times.

1800m - 10cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Snow showers ease on Tuesday, as the front moves away and the next high comes in. 

* Commentary above  Courtesy of Jane's Weather.