Aug 2012

The dry weather persists until early Wednesday afternoon.
A very cold outbreak is brewing. We will have a double cold front move through on Wednesday and Thursday. The prefrontal rain will be quick - it will change to snow within an hour or two, and freeze levels will drop throughout alpine elevations early on Thursday.
This brings us persistent snow from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning, and it may still fall as low as 500 metres. The southwestern resorts may see the most.
Snow eases to snow showers on Friday, and persist through the weekend, with a high slowly coming over.
How much snow...
15 to 25 cm Wednesday to Friday, possibly more for Baw Baw and Buller.
2 to 5 cm Weekend.

DETAILED ALPINE FORECAST (above 1200 metres)

Freeze level: Too high to start, then about 1500 metres.
Rain developing in the early afternoon, turning to persistent snow late in the afternoon.

Freeze level: Through the alpine resorts, may be as low as 500 metres for a time.
Persistent snow.

Freeze level: 1200 metres or below.
Snow easing to snow showers by the afternoon.

Freeze level: 1400 metres.
Snow showers, mainly morning.

Freeze level: 1500 metres.
Snow showers, mainly morning.

The next weather system passes through on Tuesday, then there are signs of a bigger system from Thursday.

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