Jun 2013

A deep low continues to churn, out over the Tasman Sea - while one last surge from a trough arrived today. This increased the precipitation, but a temperature gradient developed. It was warm in the east, and cold in the west, so Baw Baw saw the snow today. The cold air over the west is pushing through tonight, so there should be around 10 cm by Wednesday morning, but isolated falls of 20 cm are possible.

It clears up on Wednesday afternoon as the next high moves overhead. Cold air remains, so we should have some sunshine and cold nights.

Rest of Monday

Persistent snow (above 1500 metres).


Persistent snow (above 1400 metres).


The chance of snow showers in the morning (above 1300 metres). Clearing in the afternoon.




Cloud passing through but dry.

Outlook: Another low is developing south of Western Australia, and once again is being fed by tropical moisture. It is also getting a shot of cold air. If this moves in the right spot, then that will bring a lot of snow, but that high may stop this...

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