Sep 2014

Wet weather developing this afternoon, turning to persistent snow tonight. Snow showers follow until Wednesday morning, with 10 to 20 cm.


Sunshine filtering through the high cloud will dissipate this morning. A strong cold front is crossing the southeast of the country, and will let a cold airmass settle over the alps tonight.

A band of precipitation will cross alpine areas this afternoon, tonight and early tomorrow. It will be rain for the first half of the band, but will change to snow, and lower to around 1000 metres. It all moves eastwards, so expect snow to develop late afternoon in the far west and late tonight in the far east. Snow showers follow in the cold air on Tuesday, but the next high moves in on Wednesday, turning it dry again. Expect 10 to 20 cm  from Monday night to Wednesday morning.

The high is overhead by Wednesday night, but a cold front back over near Perth will become cut-off from the westerly flow, letting a low pressure system cross the Bight. This one looks cold enough, but very weak, and looks like it will miss out on a big surge of tropical moisture coming into the west of the country. So, the low wanders across the southeast of the country on Thursday and Friday, producing only light snow.


The weekend is most likely to be dry, thanks to high pressure. It will warm up again as the high moves eastwards.

Commentary above courtesy of Jane's Weather.