Sep 2014

Cold fronts galore - but missing the moisture, the cold and the instability to make it snow much. Light snow on Thursday and again on Sunday.


A series of cold fronts are crossing the southeast of the country this week. Rain will clear early on Wednesday morning as the first front moves to the east.

The next front follows on Wednesday night but the trailinghigh moves too far east (too near to us, centred to our northwest and extending a ridge across), so that this system won't bring as much snow as it could have. We have the chance of up to 5 cm of snow on Thursday, above 1700 metres, before the next high moves in on Friday.

That high will be directly overhead on Saturday, encouraging light winds and sunshine.

The next cold front will try to cross the southeast of the country on Sunday, but again, the trailing high is too strong, and it will be a weak front that moves through. This brings the chance of up to 5 cm of snow, above 1700 metres.


High pressure remains dominant, encouraging dry weather. The next system may move through mid-next week - it will depend on how the highs move as to what snow is possible.

Commentary above courtesy of Jane's Weather.