Aug 2016

Staying cold through to early next week. The chance of snow on some days. The next big system arrives mid-next week.

We're in a southerly airflow with lows to the east and a high to the west. This is producing snow showers over southern parts of the ranges, cloudy conditions in the middle and bright sunshine to the north.

The high arrives overhead tomorrow morning, producing a lighter southeasterly airflow. Its still cold, and snow showers shift to southeastern parts of the ranges, bright sunshine to the northwest. 

The high lingers on Friday and across the weekend, trying to make it dry. But, a cold front slides to our south pushing a lot of cloud over southeast Australia. Its still cold, and this may produce light snow on Saturday, then snow showers over eastern parts of the ranges on Sunday (in an onshore airflow).

The high is to our east from Monday, letting it warm up. Another cold front slides by, but a stronger front will make it through on Wednesday. Monday is dry, Tuesday is dry but windy, then Wednesday brings rain before a change to snow. 

* Commentary above  Courtesy of Jane's Weather.