Aug 2013

Our next cold front moves through on Wednesday. This one doesn't have a long time to warm up, but will start with a snow/rain mix (up high), but there is plenty of cold air with this one so we can expect snow throughout.

The next high comes in on Thursday, turning it dry and quite sunny.

A front follows on Friday night/Saturday morning, with another rain/snow mix to start, then snow to follow.

Wednesday: 10 to 20 cm.

Friday night and Saturday: 15 to 25 cm.

Rest of Tuesday

Snow showers passing through (above 1400 metres) - bringing a cm if we are lucky.


Snow showers in the morning (above 1500 metres), then a snow/rain mix early afternoon, turning to persistent snow (and lowering to 900 metres).


Dry and turning quite sunny.


Dry and quite sunny - until a rain/snow mix develops at night.


Persistent snow (lowering to 1400 metres), easing late in the day.

Outlook: Yet another front is due on Sunday, and this may be linked to a deep low, with the potential for huge snowfalls over several days. ...

* Commentary above  Courtesy of Jane's Weather.