Aug 2013

A high pressure system will lie over Victoria on Thursday, with dry weather and lighter winds.

Our next front arrives on Friday, followed by a second one later on Saturday. My confidence in the forecast is not high, with different weather models suggesting very different things, but this is what I believe will happen.

It will be cold enough (at least up high) for all of the precipitation from Friday through to Sunday, so everything that we get will be snow (above 1600 metres). The belt of high pressure should be pushed well enough north, that both cold fronts can move through without sliding too much (and taking all the precipitation with it). The first one won't peak here though, so we won't see as much snow as we could.

So, it looks cold enough, and we will have two bands of snow move through, with the second one producing the larger snowfalls. 

The next high slides in later on Sunday.

Friday to Saturday morning: 10 to 20 cm snow

Saturday night to Sunday night: 20 to 40 cm snow 


Dry, with a mix of sunshine and cloud.


Persistent light snow (above 1600 metres) from late morning, increasing in the late afternoon (and lowering to 1200 metres at night).


Persistent snow - heaviest early and late (above 1200 metres, but lowering to 900 metres at times).


Persistent snow - heaviest early, then easing during the afternoon (rising above 1400 metres during the afternoon).

Outlook: We will have cold fronts passing by, with the high staying well to our north - but the centre of the high moves eastwards, bringing a northwesterly airflow. This set up encourages precipitation, but it may be too warm for snow at times. ...

* Commentary above Courtesy of Jane's Weather.