Aug 2013

A strong cold front swept across Victoria yesterday, and we will remain in a cold and unstable airflow until Wednesday. The coldest part is overnight and into Tuesday morning. Snow will fall to low levels, around 500 metres, and southern Gippsland should do the best out of all the spots that rarely see snow, thanks to where the precipitation keeps up.

Our next front sweeps through on Thursday, with an accompanying low moving just south and then east of Tasmania. This one delivers more snow, with heavy falls thanks to the low.

Monday night to Wednesday: 10 to 20 cm.

Thursday to Saturday morning: 25 to 40 cm.


Snow showers (throughout).


Light snow showers (rising to above 1400 metres for the afternoon).


Persistent snow (throughout).


Persistent snow (throughout).

Outlook: A high pressure system will finally bring a break, with dry weather for much of the weekend...

* Commentary above  Courtesy of Jane's Weather.