Jul 2013

We persist with a warm and humid airmass, thanks to a high to our east. Temperatures are likely to stay above zero until Friday afternoon.

A low is forming southwest of Western Australia, and this will approach tomorrow. This has two parts - a front with no cold air, bringing a heavy band of rain - then a second front, with proper cold air, bringing snow.

So, rain increases again on Thursday, and persists on Friday but then it will dramatically change. Temperatures plummet and we have snow from Friday night.

Wednesday = 2 to 3 mm of rain

Thursday and Friday = 40 to 80 mm of rain, possibly over 100 mm

Friday night and the weekend = 20 to 40 cm of snow, lowering for a time to 800 metres 

Rest of Tuesday

The chance of light rain.


Mostly cloudy. The chance of light rain.


Cloudy. The chance of light rain - becoming heavy rain in the late afternoon and evening.


Heavy rain early, then persistent rain - turning to snow up high (above 1700 metres) during the afternoon, and lowering throughout late at night.


Persistent snow (as low as 800 metres).

Outlook: Snow persists on Sunday and Monday. The low then moves further away over the Tasman and the next high comes in, making it cold and dry. ...

* Commentary above Courtesy of Jane's Weather.