Jul 2013

A broad and large high moves eastwards today, and this will bring dry and mostly sunny weather.

A cold front is building over the Bight, and this will push that high out of the way on Thursday. This paves the way for several strong fronts to bring a cold blast. The trailing high does quickly move in, and will limit snowfall totals, but this period of weather is still looking quite good.

20 to 30 cm is likely from Thursday to Saturday, heaviest with the first strong front on Friday morning.   


Dry and quite sunny.


Persistent light snow (above 1600 metres), turning heavy overnight.


Persistent snow (above 1200 metres), heaviest early.


Persistent light snow (rising above 1400 metres).

Outlook: Light snow should continue through Sunday and Monday. The next high moves overhead early next week but tropical moisture may surge down across the country. This is definitely one to watch, because if it stays cold enough, this will do great things. ...

* Commentary above Courtesy of Jane's Weather.