Jun 2015

A low pressure centre formed late yesterday over the Bight, cut-off from the main westerly airflow. This will cross southeastern Australia later today / early tomorrow, along with another cold pool of air. It was a cold night – but expect temperatures to rise near or above freezing during the morning. Then the cold pool with this system will drop them again. The low moves through quickly, but should provide a moderate snowfall just before opening weekend.

The next front arrives next Tuesday. It will depend where the high centres itself as to how well this can move through (and deliver more snow).


Cloud building. Northerly winds becoming breezy. Persistent snow this afternoon and tonight, with 5 to 10 cm


A strong high moves in tomorrow, bringing dry conditions and a fair bit of sunshine through the long weekend. This also lets it warm up, but snowmaking is likely on and off.


Commentary above courtesy of Jane's Weather.