Sep 2013

A cold front will slide southwards tonight, but a trough will slowly cross through Victoria on Thursday and Friday. We have cloudy skies with a band of patchy rain, but it is not cold enough for snow.

A cold front clips southern Victoria on Saturday morning, before a high quickly passes through. Then things get interesting. There is a wide and long cloudband over the country and moisture from this will be trapped to our northwest. This will do two things, reduce the heat and be ready for our next weather system.

Rest of Wednesday



Cloudy. Light rain developing late in the afternoon or at night.


Cloudy and cooler with light rain at times.


The chance of showers, perhaps falling as snow in the morning (higher peaks). It should be dry on the northern slopes.


Cloud increasing but staying dry.

Outlook: The inland low meets with a strong cold front, that comes straight up from the south/southwest in the early to middle part of next week. It starts off as rain but will change to snow - and it is such a cold airmass there may be sea level snow in Tasmania...

* Commentary above Courtesy of Jane's Weather.