Aug 2015

A low pressure centre off the NSW coast is weakening, so its only snow showers left in the east from that. But, an upper level trough is developing to our west, and that's causing areas of patchy rain to develop, along with showers and storms. This should result in areas of snow over the alps - affecting any resort this time, above 1500 metres.

The upper trough moves overhead tomorrow, so persistent snow is likely, down to around 1300 metres. We should see 5 to 15 cm today and tomorrow.

A cold front will break through the high to our south, letting a weak low or trough linger off Gippsland from Friday to Sunday. This is a very different low to the last one as its got a cold core (that may see very low level snow in south Gippsland and Tasmania) and it comes up from the south (rather than across the country then deepening off the east coast). Snow showers are likely each day through this period, with all resorts benefiting, 10 to 20 cm.

Snow showers ease during Monday as a high moves through, but its only a short break with the next front arriving on Tuesday night, quickly followed by another one. There is good snow potential from these.


Snow showers tending to persistent but light snow at times (above 1500 metres). Light winds. 2 to 5 cm.

Commentary above courtesy of Jane's Weather.