Jul 2012

Dry weather continues today and tomorrow.
A cold front will cross Victoria on Wednesday, followed by a low pressure system moving over Tasmania on Thursday and Friday. Snow develops up high on Wednesday, turning to cold snow at night. It breaks to snow showers on Thursday morning, and should continue for the rest of the week.
How much snow...
10 to 20 cm Wednesday to Friday (mainly Wednesday night into Thursday morning).

DETAILED ALPINE FORECAST (above 1200 metres)
Dry, sunny.
Dry, becoming cloudy.
Freeze level: 1700 metres, lowering below 1200 metres from late afternoon.
Snow slowly developing in the afternoon, turning persistent and heavier at night.
Freeze level: About 1400 metres.
Persistent snow, breaking to snow showers in the morning.
Freeze level: About 1400 metres.
Snow showers.

A new cold front should move through on the weekend and will be a strong one. It all depends what the trailing high will do for how much it will affect us. If it stays well back to our west then we get a strong cold outbreak and a lot of snow (from the southwest). If it elongates up over South Australia then we won't see as much snow and it won't be as cold.

Courtesy of Jane's Weather,