Jul 2014

Sunshine and light winds Thursday, before the next low brings 15 to 30 cm Friday night to Sunday.


A strong high pressure system lies over New South Wales. This is encouraging dry weather, sunshine and lighter winds.

A strong cold front and associated low are crossing the Bight. The high behind it will become elongated, while the high to the east weakens - but the low should cross Bass Strait on Friday night and Saturday, letting snow develop over the Australian Alps

The low will not be anywhere near as deep as the two recent lows (this one will weaken to above 1000 hPa as it passes by, the previous were as low as 985 hPa) - so it will not be as windy, nor will there be as much snow. The system has peaked over in the west, so there is also not as much cold air either. 

We should see 15 to 30 cm from Friday night to Sunday, above 1500 metres

The next high is weak and high up over the continent - and the next strong front crosses the Bight on Monday.


The next snow-bearing weather system is due mid-week, as a cold front sweeps through, and another low crosses Bass Strait. This should bring the Alps plenty of snow.

Commentary above courtesy of Jane's Weather.