Jun 2013

A high pressure system is trying to make it dry, while an east coast low is pushing huge amounts of moisture into southeastern NSW. NSW resorts have seen the most snow, even as the freeze level rose to about 1800 metres yesterday.

The pattern persists for today, but the moisture lessens from the morning. NSW resorts may still accumulate but the Victorian alps have just the chance of snow showers from the morning, clearing early on Wednesday.

A cold front is building south of Western Australia, picking up moisture from the northwest of the country - but the high is in control and the front will peak back to our west. This makes it slide southwards, only clipping southwestern Victoria on Thursday.

So, a cold front is coming, but it loses much of its moisture, and this one (Thursday - Friday) won't really reach the alps.

Rest of Monday

Light snow at times in the east (above 1600 metres).


The chance of snow showers in the east (above 1700 metres). Dry in the west, with sunny breaks.


Dry with a mix of sunshine and some cloud.


Dry with a mix of sunshine and some cloud.


The chance of snow showers (rising above 1800 metres during the middle of the day / below freezing temperatures overnight)

Outlook: The high should be centred over South Australia encouraging more dry weather. There is the potential for cold fronts moving by, in the westerly flow, to just reach the alps. So, there may be some snow on the way...

* Courtesy of Jane's Weather.